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Description: 2 no. 960 Panel Install in Farmer’s Field, including the mounting of 12 no. Inverters per install.

Detail: Labour Only (Panels supplied by Customer)

Location: Lincolnshire

Contract Duration: 6 weeks


Domestic Solar PV System


Description:  Domestic South facing 3.6kw Solar PV System (Black LG 300W Panels)

Location: Scunthorpe

Photo 1: Work In Progress with Scaffolding

Photo 2: Completed Install



Commercial Install

Description: Commercial Install, South facing, 6.25 kw Solarworld Black panels.

Location: Northfield Road, Messingham.

Photo 1: Roof Hooks being fitted

Photo 2: Panels being fitted onto Rail

Photo 3: All Panels now installed

Photo 4: Job Completed



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