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Solar Panel Installation

Trent Valley Electrical Services Ltd. are proud to offer the Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire region, quality Solar Panel Installations. Everything from a small Domestic Solar System under 4Kw to a large Commercial Solar PV System up to 500Kw.

Free Domestic EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) with all fully installed Domestic Solar Installations under 4Kw. Call for full details and terms and conditions.

  • Installing Solar panels and associated equipment, you can convert light into electricity.
  • The Photovoltaic panels produce a DC current dependent on the amount of light.
  • This is then converted into AC (standard domestic) current and fed through a generation feed-in meter.
  • You are still connected to the Grid (energy company) so if you require more electricity than you produce, that’s ok.

Solar Panel Installers


The list below shows the benefits of Solar PV Panels and how you can not only save on your electricity bills, but also earn money by feeding the unused electricity back into the grid.

  • Producing electricity all year round will reduce your electricity bills considerable (usually reduced to zero).
  • Any excess electricity you don’t use will be monitored and fed back into the electricity Grid.
  • Installing Solar panels also reduces your carbon footprint, with solar being a renewable energy source.


Our installations minimise the disruption to the household. With fully qualified installers, we ensure all the work is carried out to code. Starting with a structural report of the existing roof to ensure the weight of the panels can be installed on your roof. Most of our equipment will be installed in the attic space, with a small amount of work in your meter cupboard. On completion of the install, everything will be tested and an appropriate certificate issued.

Does it only work in summer?

No! Even on a cloudy day the panels will be producing electricity, they don’t need direct sunlight. In fact PV panels work more efficiently in colder weather, so a crisp winter morning with sunlight is ideal.

Solar Panels

Don’t delay and call today, the Feed in Tariff scheme may change, so lock your tariff in now.

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Save more by using free energy to
heat your home and water.

The award winning immerSUN® is a
state-of-the-art energy saving device.

It aids self-consumption of surplus energy
produced by your solar system.

It is compatible with all
renewable generation technologies.